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License Agreement
Download Full License Agreement document in Adobe PDF format

Here at Royalty Free Heaven You can buy products on Royalty Free License.

In Short Royalty Free means that when You pay license for certain scope of use, You can use the Royalty-Free product forever without paying additional fees.
Of course Royalty Free doesn't mean that You become an owner of the product You buy a license for scope of use covered by License Agreement. Creator (Artist) of the product retains all copyrights. (Read more on Wikipedia Pages)

Royalty Free Heaven Stock Library offers two types of Royalty Free Music / Sound Effects:

  • Royalty Free products that are 100% free from any additional fees.
    Those products are labeled with [Royalty-Free] by the Artist name.
    License purchased from Royalty Free Heaven = all Your costs connected to the use of those products;

  • Royalty Free products that are registered with a performance rights organizations (PRO): BMI , ASCAP, etc.
    These products are labeled with ("[PRO: <Society name>]") by the name of artist contributing them to Royalty Free Heaven library. For this products additional fees need to be paid for certain forms of use (especially broadcasting), regardless the license provisions of Royalty Free Heaven License Agreement. In order to obtain information on those fees, customer needs to contact local PRO organization.
    This is more deeply covered in the License Agreement document.

Below You can see the table showing what You can Use our products for and what type of license You need.

 License Type
On Website
(including advertising banners)
One SiteMultiple SitesMultiple Sites
Website templates
for resale
Internet videos
(like Vimeo, YouTube)
Corporate presentations
and/or videos
Video GamesFree / Shareware
(with generated income up to 500 Euro)
Music on-holdOne LocationOne LocationMultiple Locations
Trade show presentationsYESYESYES
Student films and festivalsYESYESYES
Shops / Restaurants /
Bars broadcast
TV / Radio broadcastLocal StationsSingle country stationsWhole World
Cinema / Theater
or Other Public Presentations
Any Other Non-Commercial or Commercial Usage in form of synchronization with video/image, or as a background music for Audio/Video/Multimedia projects
maximum number of copies
maximum downloads of production

(*) Maximum number of copies refers to reproduction on media like CD,DVD,Hard Disk, Memory Cards... ect.
(*) Maximum number of downloads refers to all kinds of Internet Distribution. - If You can not limit number of Downloads of Your Production - License C is what You need.

Any form of use, not covered by those license types, requires prior written consent by Royalty Free Heaven.

More in-depth information regarding License Terms and prohibited use of licensed products can be found in License Agreement document.

Need help with licensing options? Contact Us.
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Previous versions of License Agreement
  1. Version 1.1 from 09/07/2010)
  2. Version 1.0 from 03/05/2010)

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