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Privacy Policy

  1. All the data that are obtained from the customer in the registration process are stored and processed in full confidentiality and are used only for the purpose of the order(s) processing;

  2. Any of those data won't be given to any entities or individuals outside RoyaltyFreeHeaven (they won't be sold, released or rented);

  3. At RoyaltyFreeHeaven, at any time, we DO NOT store any credit card information. RoyaltyFreeHeaven uses PayPal system, so all the Customers are redirected from RoyaltyFreeHeaven site to a secure PayPal site which takes care of secure credit cards processing;

  4. All the data entered while registration are sent to our database via secure SSL encrypted connection;

  5. “Cookies” - small files with various information stored by internet browsers on local hard disk – can be created by our system. They do not contain any personal information. We use them only for web page customization, statistics and for record session information;

  6. You can block cookies from being written to Your browser - In order to do so, please change settings of Your browser.

  7. Please be aware that blocking cookies might lead to strange behaviour of our site and lead to problem in ordering.

  8. By not blocking cookies in Your browser settings You agree to have cookies stored by Our site in Your browser.

  9. We do hate SPAM, so You, that's why any e-mail(s) sent to You from RoyaltyFreeHeaven will be strictly connected with RoyaltyFreeHeaven business matters;

  10. RoyaltyFreeHeaven is not responsible in any way for the content of other (external) internet web sites;


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